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It takes a village....not just to raise children, but to rescue dogs.  There are so many people who participate in bringing a dog from certain death to a loving new family.  There are the shelter workers, transporters, vets, kennel staff and of course the foster parents who open their hearts and their homes to these animals.  We' cannot forget all the wonderful rescue friendly stores and business people who have donated their products or talents to helping us find wonderful homes for our charges.  You will find links to these folks at the bottom of the page.  And last but not least, we want to thank the adopters who choose to ADOPT instead of SHOP and each time, a life is saved.  But without the people who DONATE, we couldn't do any of this.  We need the funds to purchase food, pay for gas, pay medical bills, purchase toys and crates and medicine.  A dog that his lived his or her life in a chicken coop finds amazing comfort in a blanket or towel placed in a comfy spot.  A bed is even that much better!  A malnourished dog appreciates good food and some have never even seen a toy or a biscuit before coming to rescue.  So we want to send out a BIG THANK YOU to all of you who have contributed money or sponsored a particular dog in the past year (and in previous years too)!  To that end, we've created our wall of fame.  It's a work in progress and we will continue to add names and say THANK YOU from all of us at DAAWGS!!!

Connie Graber			Franklin Mitchell
Joan Jackson				Debbie Ethridge			
Renee and Scott Sipple		Susan Fair
Susan McQueeney			Cheryl Tatsciore
Helen Jones				Glenn Hughes
Jane Underwood			Christine Cunnane
Gale and Jim Ferguson		Barb and Jimmy Garvey
Robin Hutchinson			Leslie Randall
Joyce Hein				Karen Fini
Jenny Banco				Margaret Schwartz
Denise Conway			Shannon Wright
Michele Rago				Reed and Bobbi Mortimer
Ruth Gandy				Karen Harris
Nicole Snyder			Nicole Fair
Deborah Moore-Vanschaik	Donna Fair
Robert Miller 			Mandy Poe
Trisha VanKerkhoven		Amy Daley
Deborah ORourke Walt & Kate Rashon
Chris & Barb Foltz Peggy Mosley
Karen Meise Nancy Taylor
Donna Cheetham Elaine Johnson
Leo's Helping Paws Snap, Inc.
The Rescue Inn
Hilary McNelis Photography


Rachel's Pet Puffs - for getting them ready to be photographed!

Hair of the Dog - for giving us space to scrub those BIG ones! 

Concord Pet Foods and Supplies - for hosting our meet and greets and for helping us out with donated food and supplies!