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What you need to know about Breed Specific Legislation (or BSL as it's commonly called) 


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We believe BSL is unconstitutional.  All around the country, cities and counties are enacting legislation that bans, or severely limits, the ownership of certain dog breeds and their mixes.  Throughout the country many different breeds have been targeted.  However, most BSL is aimed at Pit Bull type dogs, Rottweilers, various types of mastiffs, Doberman Pinschers, Chow Chows, Akitas, Boxers and German Shepherd Dogs.  Many times the breeds are not banned outright; rather, restrictions are placed upon those who own these breeds and their mixes which make it nearly impossible for many families to keep their loving companions.  For example, some cities have enacted what they refer to as "Dangerous Dog Laws".  These laws are not targetted at dogs who have bitten or growled or even snapped.  Rather, they define a dog as dangerous by their breed mix and require the owners of these dogs to have certain types of fencing, to pay registration fees, to purchase very high liability insurance policies, to muzzle their dogs when in public, etc.  In other areas, the ownership of some breeds is considered illegal and the dogs are seized and killed -- whether they've ever harmed another animal or human being or not.

Everyone agrees there are dangerous dogs out there --- however the dog's breed is not what makes it dangerous.  The gangbangers, drug dealers and criminals who keep and train fighting dogs are not going to comply with a fence law or a registration requirement.  They will continue to use and abuse these animals and when they're caught, they'll relinquish the dog to be euthanized (sometimes in a gas chamber).  Then they'll go out and get themselves a new guard or fighting dog.  The only people who are effected by these laws are the law-abiding citizens and their companion dogs.  Since legally dogs are considered "personal property", we believe these laws are unconstitutional.  By seizing an animal, the government is depriving the animal's owner of his or her "property" without due process of law.  

Please educate yourself on BSL and what is happening in your area.  It's not just about "those dogs", it's about all dogs.  If we give the government the right to say we cannot have a pit bull or German Shepherd Dog, we're also giving them the right to say we can't have a Pomeranian or a Chihuahua or any other breed the politicians decide may be "dangerous".

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