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Who We Are
Our Mission is to measurably improve the lives of unwanted domestic animals and to prevent their needless suffering and death; to increase public awareness of the plight of these animals; to rescue, maintain and place animals abandoned to kill-shelters and discarded by volume breeders; and finally, to educate the public about the social issues associated with pet overpopulation and the benefits of spaying and neutering their pets. Read more about us and our plans when you visit our "About Us" link on the left.
Our group's short-term goals are: low cost spay/neuter initiatives through mobile units providing communities with easy access to spay/neuter at a low cost.  To become a NO KILL society through spay/neuter laws, public education, elimination of puppy mills, backyard breeders, class B dealers, breed specific legislation, gas chambers and other killing shelters.  To encourage aggressive adoption programs with local kill shelters and encourage the public to adopt and not buy from pet stores.
Long term our vision is to create a country-wide network where volunteers from shelters, rescues, transports, vets, and boarding kennels work together nationally to save our pets via a streamlined group of people pulling from shelters, boarding, vetting and transporting to a rescue or loving home. We envision our organization to become a tool to be used to coordinate these efforts and to encourage individuals and organizations to join our group via our yahoo group DAAWGS.

DAAWG is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization.

DAAWG and all the homeless dogs are in desperate need of wonderful foster homes. If you can find space in your heart for just one homeless pet, that's one less that will die, abandoned in a kill shelter. If you are interested in providing a loving foster home for a dog - please contact us! A dog will owe their life to you.