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2/22/2022 1:53 PM
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In Memory of Diamond

Many of you who've attended our meet and greets, as a volunteer or just a regular visitor, will remember Diamond - a sweet senior boxer girl who's people dumped her because she was no longer useful to them.

When Diamond came to us, she was scared and uncertain of what had happened to her.  Where had her family gone?  What had she done to deserve ending up in a kill shelter after giving the best years of her life to her family?  One day the family she adored took her for a ride - something she undoubtedly looked forward to.  This ride ended in a cold shelter, with small cages and strange noises and an inevitable trip to the back room where so many end up going to sleep forever.

But for Diamond, her misfortune at the hands of her indifferent "family" led to a new beginning.  One of DAAWG's dedicated founders saw her in the shelter and knew immediately that a senior boxer had no hope of being adopted.  She couldn't stand the idea of a dog that age, who had been with a family for so long, dying on a cold steel table, scared and all alone.  So she took Diamond home with her.  She nursed her back to health and gave her good food, toys, a soft bed to lay her weary head and most important of all - she gave her love.  And Diamond returned that love in triple measure.  She adored her foster mom and seemed to know that she gave her something the family she had lived with all her life, deemed her unworthy of - a loving home in which to rest before crossing over the bridge.  

 Sadly, Diamond lost her fight with age, cancer, arthritis and all the other ailments seniors struggle with.  But when she crossed over the bridge, she wasn't alone.  She was with the one person who had shown her unconditional love - her foster mom. 

Sleep peacefully dear Diamond, you will be missed.